Beta 2.1.20 x Llum BCN 2018 Render from eyesberg studio on Vimeo.

This past February we were at Llum BCN, the Barcelona’s Art and Light installations festival that took place this year within the Poblenou neighbourhood.

For this edition we installed a 17m diameter Dome in collaboration with the SAT (Société des Arts Technologiques) where we presented our last audiovisual piece in 360: Beta 2.1.20. The Dome was installed at the new area presented by the festival for this edition: El Espai Familiar. There, both children and adults enjoyed our immersive projection, but also interactive swings, a mechanical garden, an app that tests your knowledge about the city and the funny puppet Papitu.

Llum BCN proposes every year a really interesting offer of light and audiovisual installations, the opportunity to see live all the creative power and innovation born in Barcelona. This 2018 lots of friends and acquaintances presented quite attractive projects as Oniolab‘s “Illuminati”, a didactic mapping about light and color;  Playmodes Studio‘s star piece “Beyond”, or MID, who presented the light-reactive structure “Plan D”.

Beta 2.1.20 Synopsis

The piece brings us to a future in which the chain production of robots is a reality and everything’s automatized. We enter the factory where the new series of robots Beta 2.1.20 is being created, but one of them presents an anomaly. The AI advances beyond our control and we live the awakening of a new being. A being that can feel, imagine and create. A story that makes us reflect about what’s the intelligent life.


Produced by Eyesberg Studio

Direction & Script
José Vaaliña

Video Coordination
Jordi Massó

CG artists
Martina Ampuero
Jordi Massó
David Ros
Oscar Boronat
Romà Hereter
Jose Vaaliña

Composition & Sound Design
Pol Marqués
Pau Cabruja

Dani Marzo
Edu Catafal

Technical Direction
Christian Marín

Tech Partner