Noicanigami is an interactive adventure for children in which the public can choose different paths and choices and live a different adventure every time. Our story begins in a room filled with toys and memories. Here a magic book poses a riddle and leads us to an island suspended in the stars, where we will be attacked by gigantic dragonflies, discover hidden jungle temples, and find the answer to the riddle hidden between its pages.


15 min aprox. - Age 6 to 13 - Spanish, catalan
Fulldome 2k – 30 fps – Unidireccional – Audio 8.1, stereo



PRODUCED by Eyesberg Studio

ART DIRECTION – Martina Ampuero (
SCRIPT & CONCEPT – Daniel Marzo, José Vaaliña
MUSIC– Pol Marqués
VIOLIN – David Ros
3D ARTIST – Gonzalo Fernández, Anna Martín, David Ros, Martina Ampuero
LOCUTION – Romà Hereter Masip, Blanca Boixeda