This time we’ve created “Sublimes Interactions” an immersive and interactive installation inspired by the soul of Bombay Sapphire; the craft process. We worked around three concepts to generate this experience: aether, ice and bothanical.

Kinect captures the movements of the people who stay in front of a 20 m led screen transforming the video and the soundtracks of Francesco Tristano.

We have collaborated with Mau Morgó to make The Art Room a real interactive place, where all is connected to the users, the movement becomes an image , the image becomes music, music becomes emotion.”

The public chill around in this inmersive place while drinking a gyn tonic designed by Marc Alvarez and listening to the music of playing in a Yamaha Disklavier Midi Piano.

“Sublimes interactions” is a installation where the viewer is the beginning and the end, a digital art piece in continuous transformation.




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“The Art Room by Bombay Sapphire” –

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“The Art Room by Bombay Sapphire®, una experiencia única en el interior de una obra de arte” –

“The Art Room, la última propuesta multidisciplinar de Bombay Sapphire” –



“Sublime Interactions”

by Eyesberg Studio

Art Direction: Martina Ampuero

Technical Direction: José Vaaliña

3D Artists: David Ros, Romà Hereter Masip, Martina Ampuero

Interaction Programming: Esteban Rubira and Kostia Matka (Past Video)

AV Techniciants and production: Christian Marín and Daniel Marzo

Developed with DX11 Pointcloud by Intolight

Client: Bombay Sapphire

Agency: LBN Creativa 360

Location: Mercedes Fashion Week 2016


Special Thanks to Mau Morgó