On April 13 at Razzmatazz Barcelona, we had the honor to perform the 3D visual live set for Venetian Snares, one of our favorite artists.
We use the anaglyph technique and production dished glasses so that the public could live is immersive and multisensory experience.

Moving increasingly in a world bio-mechanical, moving from the two-dimensional to three-dimensional and witness the birth of a biomechanical cell, spherical, that as a 3D puzzle, changes shape and opens and passes by different states to become an eye of an android or artificial human beeing.
At a deeper level, the intention is to connect the modular synthesizers with humans and the obsession that humanity has to reproduce itself artificially, to seek and create tools and technology to express in the most direct and subjective way it is the end of everything "creator".





Event produced by Mira Festival and Miles Away


3D VISUAL LIVE SHOW by Eyesberg Studio


Concept by Jose Vaaliña and Martina Ampuero

Vj live set by Pol Marqués

3d artists  :  Roma Hereter, Jose Vaaliña, Martina Ampuero

AV Technicians: Christian Marín, Daniel Marzo